Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Going to Make a Vow to You All Right Now.

I went vegan for a variety of reasons, including living a more sustainable lifestyle...Reduce my carbon footprint!  Make a difference on this beautiful planet!  And what do I do? I don't carry around a travel mug for coffee, that's for sure. Nope.  When I order my coffee at some cafe (or Starbucks, don't hate me) I get the paper cup, the plastic lid and sometimes...EVEN THE SLEEVE!  So wasteful.  So shameful.  No more.  From this day onward, if I don't have a travel mug with me, I'm going without.  For real.
The days of my dad and I drinking coffee out of paper cups together are over!  Sorry Dad.  I'll buy you a travel mug!


  1. I'm not a fan of being wasteful either -bad disposable cups, bad! It can be difficult to move from an eco-progressive community to places that... aren't. But, this is where we have to challenge ourselves to bring the eco-progressive lifestyle to the rest of the world. I'll do my part! Thanks Effervescent Vegan!

  2. Thanks Dominic! It's true. The travel cup vow is only the beginning...