Monday, February 28, 2011

Lena Fay is one Elegant Chica. And She Plays an Excellent Triangle.

So Lena and I want to watch the Academy Awards.  We put on dresses, we go out.  To the bars, of course.  And you know what happens on TV screens, Oscar Night, in the Upper Haight?  Basketball.  DISLIKE. Trax was just too crowded, but looked like a fun gay time.  Oh c'mon,  You know Oscar night with Gay Boys is the best night EVER.  Unless you can't find a seat.  Then you are just standing in a bar that has a nightmare inducing bathroom.   

We go the dive bar route, one without TVs.  Murio's = good to catch up, listen to punk rock, talk about boys and all the crazy shiz we've pulled lately, but after awhile us grrls want to see pop culture in action!  I have cable.  We are hungry.  Oscars at my apt it is!

We have Prosseco, Red wine and the ingredients to make a vegan pizza.  Now, I like to make my pizza dough from scratch, however, after 4 vodka sodas, a growling stomach and the Oscars on TV, I gotta  make things easy.  Fast.  Tasty.


The goods.

The Refreshments

Coconut water for the next morning. 
Getting the Party started.  No - keeping it going!

It turns out Lena Fay is very good at pop culture, (better than me?  I think so...) she predicted ALL the wins before they happened.

If you don't want to watch the whole video, which I personally think you should, go to the 2:33 mark.  Lena and I are friends for all the right reasons.  I've totally Lohan'ed' it out on the Sunset Strip.  

Also worth mentioning - I had made this last week too, after watching an episode of 'Jersey Shore' in which they are chowing down on pizza after a night on the town.  It looked so delicious, I wanted a vegan version!  Although I love the taste of Follow Your Heart Soy Mozz, Daiya melts in a way that works great for pizza.  Very tasty as well.

Lena and I totally watched an episode of 'Jersey Shore' after the Oscars. 

Lena's new blog, .  It's hysterical!


  1. Awwww I love you ladies. And that pizza looks yummy!

  2. The Vicolo crust is bueno, the daiya "cheese" is good but tastes like shit at the same time. Just about anyone does a better vegan pizza sauce than Whole Foods, and I have no opinion about the fake pepperoni - but that is one of the worlds most perfect foods.

  3. I look faysted! love it. I have to say, no one's through together vegan pizza could be as good as a Jenny Bradley's. You are the master of several vodka sodas deep drunk food with a moral.

  4. Haha, thanks Lena! Let's just say I've had a lot of practice. I get hungry after a night on the town!
    @Craig, maybe that can explain the hasty choice in tomato sauce...
    @Melissa Rose, thank you! You are quite a lovely lady yourself. Just sayin'.