Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is What I Drink When I'm Hungover

No added sugar, all natural, refreshing and has way more electrolytes than sports drinks.  Forget Gatorade, people!  Coconut water is where it's at. I would drink this if I were an athlete - after an intense workout.  But, I haven't felt the burn for awhile.  I don't even know what the words 'work out' mean anymore.

This is what I'm drinking tonight.
I know the Vita-Mix in the background is super distracting.

By the way, what's up with getting athlete's foot when you don't even partake in any athletic activity?  Major dislike.
Sometimes when you throw a vegan potluck, people bring over young thai coconuts and you drain them yourselves.  Chicago is a crazy place. 


  1. Does the coconut water help even if you are extremely nauseous after a fun night? lol!! Not like I would need to know or anything ;)

    1. Alka-seltzer! I SWEAR BY IT! Then coconut water. Probably not the two together. :)