Friday, April 15, 2011

Battered Tempeh Tacos! Gluten Free!

I bought an issue of 'Living Without' recently.  Ew pervs, it's a gluten free magazine.  It's chock full of recipes and tips for those with numerous food allergies.  None of which I have, I think.  It's like psychology class in college, where all the sudden you have all the symptoms of the disorder you are reading about.  Am I turning into a chunk because I'm allergic to corn?!  No, I'm chunking out cause I started a food blog and I'm cooking huge meals all the time and then sitting in front of a computer for hours typing about it instead of exercising....

On that note, I want to post recipes that cater to everyone.  I'm that generous and kind as a person, it's true.  I can't help but have noticed, many gluten free recipes are not vegan, though many of the friends I have with Celiac's or gluten sensitivities are vegan or vegetarian. I may be an amateur at the gluten free recipe thing, but I am going to do my best at incorporating more gluten free, vegan recipes on this blog.  If anything is off, please let me know immediately. 

That's right, I'm posting a recipe here...
Tempeh Tacos
You will need:
     *One package of Tempeh
     *Juice of 3 limes
     *2 tsp chili powder
     *1 tsp cumin
     *A pinch of cinnamon 
     *1 tsp salt
     *1/2 tsp pepper
     *1/2 cup corn or potato starch
     *1 - 2 green onions
     *1 avocado
     *1/4 green onion
     *1/4 stalk of cilatro
     *Corn tortillas

This is reminiscent, or copying (whatevs, if you change 3 things in a recipe, it's yours.  Maybe 5 things? One of the deals with recipes is that you can't copyright them, but it's nice to give credit where credit is due) of a fish taco recipe in 'Living Without' April/May 2011.  Mine is vegan, and not going to, even remotely, taste like fish at all. I'm alternating a 'Blackened Tilapia Taco' recipe I found.  Tempeh seemed like the perfect medium to use.

So, cut your tempeh into small strips, about a 1/4 - 1/3 of an inch thick (I always cut them on the thicker side and somewhat regret it afterward.  Steam your tempeh - in a pot, with a steam basket, for about 15 minutes on medium/ medium high heat.  If you check facebook as much as I do, set it on medium.  You get more time that way.

Roast your spices!  The cumin, the chili powder, cinnamon, the salt and pepper - cook them for 5 - 7 minutes on medium high heat in a pan with no oil.  Once they become fragrant, or in my case start smoking, mix them in a bowl with the starch. Put some vegetable oil in your pan, enough to cover the surface, and turn to medium high. 
 Roasting the spices.

Juice two limes and put that in a bowl of it's own.

Take steamed tempeh, dip both sides in lime juice bowl, then coat with starch/spice mixture.  Fry it up!  Once one side is brownish, flip.  Do this with all your tempeh strips, and don't let them crowd in the pan. Well they are nicely browned on each side, transfer them to a plate.  If you have paper towels available, place a couple on the plate to absorb excess oil.
 Tempeh in lime juice, tempheh in batter.

For the topping (and best part of tacos, in my opinion), dice your onion, finely cut cilantro (removing stems) squeeze juice of one lime, thinly slice green onion, cube avocado and add a generous pinch of salt into a bowl. 

Heat your corn tortillas on the stove to make them pliable.  It's the authentic way to do it - coming from a 
 white girl.  
 Heat and flip.

My roommate Dan, who works at a wine bar and is therefore very well versed in wine, said that this dish paired beautifully with the citrusy Pinot Grigio he brought home. 

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  1. HOW ARE THERE NO COMMENTS ON THIS?? oops, haha, accidental caps lock. but still deserves the "yell" tone. This sounds amazing. Do not enough people google "gluten free battered tempeh"?? I am going to make this when I get home. Not the tacos, but the battered tempeh in all it's spicy glory. I've done it once before and it was pretty good, but this sounds amaaaazing. Gonna pair it with some sour cream herb dip (cilantro or "coriander" because I'm a kiwi, chives and parsely with lime and S+P mixed with a full fat organic sour cream) and some home made guac. YUM!