Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Angry Vegan

Sometimes I am angry. Right now I am angry. I swear the next time I hear, 'I just couldn't give up cheese' I'm going to flip the fuck out.
You know what kind of meat and cheese eater I was? I'd buy steaks with my barista tip money, bake them, and gorge out while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs, pretty much every afternoon the year I was 23. I would dip cheese in mayonnaise for a snack. I chowed down at the annual Arcata Oyster Fests like there would be no tomorrow. I get it: meat/dairy/seafood-- it's really, really tasty. But what I hear, when someone says "Oh, I just could NEVER give up cheese" is "I know how viciously animals are treated -- that dairy cows are kept constantly impregnated and then their babies are ripped away from them at birth -- the females to be used for more dairy farming and the males for veal-- and that the mother cries for days, looking every where for her young calf, like any mother would. I know factory farms are inhumane, and the way animals are abused and slaughtered is horrifying, but cheese just tastes WAY too fucking good for me to give it up."
People often ask, in awe, "How do you do it?". I opened up my fucking eyes, that's how.


Tip - you don't have to tell vegans you could just never give up meat/cheese/seafood....we 'get it'. We see you eating it. 

(You Tube Video of Shelly Williams)


  1. Dude, word. I could punch the next bitch who's all "How DOOOO you do it?!" like I'm some kind of wonder infomercial product.