Monday, May 9, 2011

Elegant Debauchery

I like to live my life in a style I refer to as Elegant Debauchery. Hard to achieve, yes, but some of us are just born with a natural panache for it. I can teach you the ways sometime if you'd like.
Sometimes (every time) when living the vivacious and raucous, yet very sophisticated life, alcohol is involved. NOT ALL SPIRITS, BEERS AND WINES are created cruelty-free.  "How is my favorite beverage inhumane?!", you ask.  Well, during the filtering and clarifying processes, animal stomachs, bladders and bone char are used. Gross. And so unnecessary.
I use Barnivore to help me out in this department! So helpful and informative! Plus, you can get a free app, so you always have the resource to make cruelty free decisions when choosing what to drink/drown your sorrows away (haha, just kidding. I'm never emo. I never sit in the corner and cry to Cat Power/Elliot Smith/Bright Eyes.).
It was a sad, sad night when I realized my beloved Cooks Champagne is NOT vegan.

Bud Light - VEGAN!

 Great White - VEGAN!
Lone Star - VEGAN!

Tecate - VEGAN!

Mickey's - VEGAN!
  Night of Elegant Debauchery.


  1. are the wolff/brewer beverages vegan?

  2. Yes, Ajuna, I believe so. Wolff is a veg and I don't think Brewer can afford animal stomach filtration processes. HOMEBREWS, YES! Right,boys?

  3. YES! Yes, I know too well. <3

  4. Let's party, fa real. I need to buy like 80 bottles of vegan wine.