Monday, June 13, 2011

Feathers Are For Birds, Not Hair Extensions or Jewelry

Do my eyes deceive me? Please say yes. Please tell me this isn't Ke$ha on a PETA poster. Tell me, make me understand how, exactly, does PETA choose the 'spokespeople' they feature in their ads? Seriously.....
WAIT, ARE THOSE FEATHER HAIR EXTENSIONS SHE IS WEARING? IN A PETA AD? FOR REAL? (Maybe feather earrings? This is a joke, right? That seal sure is adorbz, though.)
This feather fashion shiz has got to end. Sporting dead animal parts as accessories is just that--sporting dead animals. Not hip, disgusting. Not cute, and not ethical either - let's not kid ourselves about that.


  1. Just a question. Is is still cruelty if the feathers were naturally shed?
    I'm new to all of this and so I thought I should ask someone who would know.

  2. It wouldn't be cruel if you found a feather and made something of it, it's true. But I feel this is not usually the case, especially when something like this gets trendy and when the earrings and hair extensions are mass produced. Right? Does that make sense? And I want to say it's best not to wear stuff that looks like it came from an animal, since it sends the wrong message, but I wear my plastic pearls all over town like a 20's era flapper!

  3. Are you sure the feathers came from a chicken they killed? or was the chicken already dead? or molting? Do you have any proof for your accusation?

  4. While I will admit that I may have stuck my foot in my mouth with this one, and have since found that Ke$ha is both a vegetarian and advocate of obtaining her feathers 'ethically', I still do not appreciate this trend. And I don't think it was responsible of PETA to put her on a poster wearing animal parts. I also don't think PETA makes responsible decisicons with the celebrities they choose for their posters. For instance, Lady Gaga made it onto a "I'd Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur" billboard and then wears a FUCKING RAW MEAT DRESS to the MTV awards.
    As far as the feather trend goes, thousands upon thousands of roosters are being euthanized for their butt feathers. So while a few people may be making responsible decisions about their feathers, most people are not. And since this is a huge injustice towards animals, I feel the need to point it out. It's yet another animal product people are dissociating with actually coming from an animal. Or they don't care. And I find that tragically unhip and ignorant.

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  6. The feathers are sold on a "saddle". They cut the birds wings off and yes every bird dies.

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  8. Many, many feathers are molted by birds twice a year. Most are obtained this way, there is quite a big business in selling them (can't BELIEVE how much parrot feathers go for!)

    If feather jewelry bothers then perhaps bird themed jewelry is for you.

    Animal and cruelty free.