Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Staycation! Dinner at Source in SOMA/Potrero Hill

I went out with my friend Matt to Source, the new Vegetarian Restaurant in San Francisco. LOVED IT. Absolutely everything on the menu can be made vegan, vegan cheese and all (vegan cheese is very important to me)!
Avocado Oink Burger with Cashew based Mozzarella Cheese, plus fries and a side salad.
Matt's Kraut Bow Wow (most food is made in house but the Bow Wow's are Field Roast Apple Sage sausages. Fine by me! And Matt, as it turns out.)

They also have Chicago Style dogs! I mean, "Bow Wows".

After struggling to choose a dish on the extremely extensive menu, I went with an avocado oink burger, with their homemade cashew based vegan mozzarella. I couldn't believe my taste buds. I haven't eaten a burger in over four years but my beet, celery, carrot, mushroom, bulgar, lentil, fresh herbs, soy protein, garlic, onion burger tasted like the real thing. This was best veggie burger I have ever had, and it wasn't trying to be meat. Their version is hearty, and even kind of has the look of a burger, thanks to the beets. But not in a gross way, I swear! This isn't a Boca burger like substitution -- It's just...I don't know...meaty. It's obviously made with vegetables, yet has that grilled, burgery taste. My omnivore dining companion, Matt, completely agreed -- he was blown away as well! I wasn't just being a crazy I-haven't-eaten-meat-in-so-long-these-tofu-dogs-taste-like-the-real-thing-right vegan. The cheese was so tasty, I wanted double the amount. The avocado and 'oink' bits were a little lacking, but the burger was so delicious and MIND BLOWING, I totally forgot what I had ordered, and therefore didn't even notice the other parts of my burger were shoved sparingly in the back of the pita. This is saying a lot, because I usually don't forget things like avocado and vegan bacon.

Disappointingly (for me, maybe not you....) Source doesn't not serve alcoholic beverages. What they do serve are kombucha-like elixirs made with a fermented substance called Jun. They are made with raw honey, which may or may not jive with you. They also serve raw Yerba Mate lemonades mixed with strawberry, blueberry or straight up lemon! Matt ordered the strawberry lemonade and OMG! It tasted like a strawberry daiquiri. So delicious- I was able to  forgive the absence of rum.

Everything we had was super flavorful. We skipped dessert but I will be going back for one of their 'twinkies' or 'snowballs'. VEGAN SNOWBALLS?! (hahaha insert dirty joke here. What? Sorry, usually I'm totally mature.)


  1. Did the soothing atmosphere feed your senses through taste, sight, sound, and vibrations? How were the serene sounds of a waterfall infused with custom-designed music throughout the space? Was the space indeed airy, light-filled, and created by the ancient principles of metaphysics and energy? Did the multidimensional eating experience engulf you in an uplifting yet peaceful feeling from the moment you entered?

    Sorry, couldn't resist. The food pics do look yummy.

  2. Haha! Thanks! I probably would have felt all those ways if there had been vodka in my strawberry lemonade mate! After working at cafe gratitude I can take all this hippie love at a restaurant-no problem! (It helps CG serves beer!)