Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vegan Stir Fry! See, Veganism Can Be Quick And Easy.

Like me! Just kidding. I'm only easy. A little on the high maintenance side. I will try to fool you in the beginning with my easy going nature, but that will soon fade away as all good things do.  Really, I have no idea why I'm single.
Any way, on to vegan stir fry! I know many of my dishes are time intensive and complicated (much like myself) but sometimes I want my food instantly! Without spending much money! So here we go.

You will need:
     *1 bag frozen veggies (I like Safeway's Stir fry veggies with asparagus)
     *1 pack vacuum packed tofu. I do love my Tofu X-Press, but this meal is meant to be made within a half          hour.
     *Mushrooms (I use about 3/4 a pound)
     *1 red onion
     *Garlic. Maybe 5 cloves? If you follow me regularly, you know I use DOUBLE THAT.
     *Favorite Stir fry sauce. Soy Sauce, Bragg's and Coconut Aminos are all good, but for this particular recipe, I used Trader Joe's Brand Island Soy Vay.
     *Some chopped green onions, for garnish.

I decided on stir fry because I am poor, yet hungry with sophisticated taste. Top Ramen WILL NOT CUT IT. (The Oriental is vegan. But don't go there. Make stir fry instead)

Chop your red onion, heat up some oil on medium heat and saute until transparent or caramelized. Cut your tofu into beautiful, professional looking triangles (I can't take credit, my friend Travis did this. And after shots at the bar, no less!)

Then, marinate triangles with sauce.

Is now a good time for you to listen to my new favorite song? Yeah, you got time - your onions are cooking. If they are looking good, add your mushrooms. Once they are cooked down a little, add garlic and tofu.

Don't hate. You know you love Shakira. She's so cute! Even...half naked. Whatevs.

Okay, back to stir fry.
Travis and I got distracted by all the wine we were drinking, (Charles Shaw! Represent!) and I burnt my pan. Here are some pics of the fiasco. Everything turned out fine, I just transferred everything to a soup pot. After transferring I added the frozen veggies. The tofu was marinated so well, I didn't add any extra sauce to my stir fry.

Done and done!

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  1. Great recipe!. I'm really impressed with your blog because it contains the Recipes For Stir Fry that my mother will love. I will buy all the ingredients given here on your blog because I will try this one tomorrow. Thank you for sharing this with us.