Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Will.I.Am

It has come to my recent attention that you made a comment to Elle magazine, describing women who have condoms at their house as tacky. As a woman, I am horrifically offended. Perhaps you did not realize that we are living in a day and age where STDs, HPV and AIDs run rampant? Perhaps you did not realize that pregnancy comes from unprotected sex? As a woman, I have to take care of myself, and yes, that means I have condoms in my drawer. While it is always a little awkward when someone you are newly seeing pulls one out (Why do they have those? Who were they sleeping with before? How recent? Is there some else?), let's not kid ourselves that in the heat of the moment, Walgreens is open or a feasible distance to travel to. As a woman, I need to look out for me. So, according to you, I am tacky. Turns out I'm also STD free which I think is decidedly, untacky.

As long as we are on the adjective, I'd like to point out a couple of incidents that you and your band have engaged in, which I find, for lack of a better word, tacky.
     A.) Using the word 'retarded' to describe, in the chorus and title of a song, how you are going to act at a social gathering.
     B.) Performing a concert in Spain that is a major sponsor of the TV show, Involucion, which directly supports the abuse and exploitation of chimpanzees. Involucion is a competition based reality show, literally meaning 'de-evolution', in which a chimpanzee dubbed 'Darwin' (real name Noah) competes alongside humans in very humiliating and unfavorable ways (mostly for the humans doing these competitions voluntarily). Animals don't belong in the entertainment industry, as in order for them to perform or do tricks, unnatural and abuse methods are commonly used. Noah is no exception, as he belongs to animal trainer Steve Martin, who has already been cited numerous times by the USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. I understand your band has supported PETA in the past, by urging KFC to treat the chickens used for their chain, more humanely. How about all animals, and in this case, specifically Noah?

Please Will.i.am, take a stand against unprotected sex, animal abuse and exploitation as well as derogatory words in your top 40 songs.

Jenny Bradley

Sign the petition telling the Black Eyed Peas to stop supporting chimpanzee abuse!


  1. Elle magazine, describing women who have condoms - really funny! Loved your funny even real content. Thanks!

  2. Good post Jenny! Really liked it :)