Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drink This! It's Good For You.

I used to be a big fan of Odwalla's Superfoods 'smoothie'. It's green, it has to be good for you, right? Not exactly - if you compare the amount of sugar in a Superfoods beverage, to that of ice cream, you will see that the amounts are nearly identical! That is why you will never see me drinking Superfoods or even eating soy/coconut yogurt. I could save the calories and eat ice cream!
But I won't. Refined sugar and too much fructose make me feel sick. I can't even drink smoothies, they are too intense. Personally, I think you are better off eating a piece of fruit than drinking juice. Fruit juice is full of sugar and calories - how many oranges does it take to make one glass of orange juice? Would you eat that many oranges in one sitting?

I feel differently about vegetable juice, however. It's very low in calories, with almost no sugar! You probably shouldn't eat 10 oranges at one time, but a bunch of kale, some celery, parsley, a bunch of spinach - much better for you.
That's why I like to buy this beverage at Trader Joe's...(Of course the same kind of juice can be found at Whole Foods, Health stores and sometimes even Safeway.)

6 grams of sugar and 60 calories! Though the ingredients tend to vary from brand to brand, Trader Joe's contains: celery, spinach, parsley, cucumber, kale, romaine and sprouts. The only way this could be healthier for you is if it was raw, as in, not flash pasteurized. Raw foodists will argue that when these kinds of drinks are pasteurized, they lose all nutritional content. I'm on the fence about that one.

Cafe Gratitude carries a raw, organic green juice called 'The Healthy'. It's good stuff. I used to hate it, but then I started ordering it without the lemon, which gave the juice a much sweeter flavor that I really enjoyed.

Source carries a raw vegetable juice called 'The Super Eight'. It's my favorite! This particular juice has eight different vegetables in it, including beets and ginger. For a healthy, all veggie drink, it's naturally sweet (the beets and apples) and DELICIOUS. Plus, beets are a great source of iron!

Jamba Juice offers shots of wheatgrass! I love the stuff, but I've heard it's an acquired taste.

Usually health food stores/co-ops/natural food stores will have some kind of juice bar where you can obtain these kinds of beverages, even personalize them! One mango in your juice - not so bad.

You can possibly even make your own green/veggie juice at home. I know I can, I own a Vita-Mix! But I don't. Everytime I go into Trader Joe's, it's the same thought process - I tell myself "You know, you really should just buy all the vegetables and make it at home, Jenny. It'd beeee so much cheaper and you'd get so much more juice out of it". Then I go buy some more pre-made green juice. 

So, my friend, put down the Superfoods. Unless of course, you were planning on drinking it for dessert.

(My favorite time to drink Green Juice is the morning after a night of elegant debauchery)


  1. Ew, I really dislike this green drink. If it only had an apple or some lemon or something!

  2. I love it! Have you tried the red one? Something about that one deters me.