Friday, August 5, 2011

Living Room Picnic!/ I'm Still Putting My Food on the Floor/ All of this Cost Way Too Much at Whole Foods

Here's what a cliche I am: I went into Whole Paycheck (on payday, nonetheless) to get myself a couple treats, maybe of the raw food variety seeing as how I gorged out on Indian food the other night (or, on everything for the past 4 months. I'm not going to admit one of the reasons I had a hard time going out last night was because all the sudden my clothes weren't fitting. That's way too embarrassing and TMI to say on the internet). I walked out $50.00 later with all this stuff. Okay, the second bottle of wine, coconut aminos, third Lara bar and soy creamer are not pictured, but still! Please don't take this as an opportunity to be all "Don't you complain about how broke you are all the time?" because I know. I KNOW. And what is the worst is that all of this will be consumed in about 36 hours. That's me being generous with the time frame.

Here's why I couldn't resist:
Goji berries are a fruit! A superfood, with anti-aging and anti-oxident power! (Yeah, I'm 30 and still get carded...while sitting at the restaurant table with my parents!! Sometimes mortifying, but I don't really mind all that much, SO BRING ON THE ANTI-AGING SUPERPOWERS.) They taste like candy. I have to remember to bring these with me to the movies. A different bag, as this one will be consumed in about 20 minutes.

Whole Foods has a TWO BUCK CHUCK! It's called Three Wishes, I just went ahead and bought two. Opening it right now...Someday I will use my webcam and new flip camera to start vlogging, like this chica, or as I like to think of her, my hero.

Lydia's Organics raw Nori Crackers. Not cheap, which explains the not so raw, store brand hummus. I may think I'm made of money on payday, but deep down, I know I am not.

 Lydia's Kale Salad and Lara Bars in my favorite flavors - apple pie and blueberry! Kale salad for dinner and Larabars for breakfast tomorrow. That's the plan anyway. I work at a veg restaurant in which I bake off vegan twinkies first thing in the morning. The Lara Bars are meant to keep me from consuming said twinkies. 

The Kale Salad packaging is biodegradable?! What a concept. 

The hangover kit.


  1. Whole Foods brand Lemon Hummus is A M A Z I N G! If you haven't done it it!

  2. I will so buy it next time. Along with $47.00 worth of additional impulse buys.