Friday, August 12, 2011

No Impact Man! Movie Review!

I really, really loved this movie.

Watch it so we can discuss. After seeing it last year, I was inspired to change my lifestyle into one that is more green/sustainable. I liked that the family was one I could relate to, as in, urban dwellers, not birkenstock-wearing, quinoa-noshing (I just hate quinoa. It makes my stomach hurt for days.) co-op dwelling, community-gardening hippies. Not that any of those things are bad or wrong, but they are definitely things that I do not take part in. (To tell you the truth, it's very possible I am a hippie, though I have started to wear deodorant on the regular.)

I highly recommend this movie! You reality-TV-addicts will LOVE it.

I'm completely freaked out/anxious/hyperventilating RIGHT NOW about the state of the Earth/overpopulation/overconsumption/plastic/extinction. I think it's just incredible that this family  went a year, an entire year, making as little impact on this planet possible (sometimes unwillingly by one member - I don't blame her). WTF is wrong with our society, that the only day of the year people use their travel mugs for coffee, is Earth Day, aka the day Starbucks gives away a free hot beverage if you bring it in.

All it takes is one short train ride on the N, from downtown SF to Cole Vally, to understand this planet is FUCKED. The overcrowding! The plastic shopping bags! The horrendous smells of too many people in one small space!

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  1. I reviewed this movie for my environmental studies class.I really enjoyed it. For the most part, anyway. I was a bit frustrated how they were vegetarian but didn't explain how that was relevant to environmentalism because so many people don't understand that. And the one bit about the trip to the cow farm bothered me a bit too, just because I could see how some people could get the wrong idea from it. He was talking to the farmer and asked him why he didn't go for the "organic label" The farmer replied that it was so he could treat his cows if they got sick. I understand that's the case for this certain farmer but in the eyes of anyone watching who doesn't know anything about the dairy industry could see an instant justification for buying non-organic milk without delving into any of the issues behind that.