Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Vegan Finally Went to Millennium!

The last birthday post! It's finally over! Birthday week? Try birthday month!
After almost two years of living in San Francisco, I finally made it to Millennium on July 20th. Peeps were always shocked I had never been, but I had never had a special enough reason to go. I'm not gonna front, it's totally out of my price range.
Then, I turned 30. The family offered not only to come to the city, but let me pick the restaurant we ate at. I spent a split second deciding between Gracias Madre and Millennium, reasoned that my sister HATES vegetables, and chose the latter. (The month my sister went vegetarian, her diet consisted of pasta with marinara sauce and french fries.)
There's not much else to say, except that Millennium is everything I'd hoped it'd be - fancy and tasty!

The cocktails:

Madame Butterfly for me.

Mai Tai for my mom.

The appetizers:

Bread with white bean dip.

Crusted Oyster Mushrooms. By far my favorite food of the night! They reminded me of calamari, which I LOVED. I may have gone back a few days later, with Crystal Paul, for a glass of wine (or two) and these guys. Give me 15 minutes notice, and I will meet you for a plate of these. Wherever I am, I WILL GET THERE.

The entrees:
 Tamale for me. I really, really love vegan Mexican food.

Macadamia nut crusted tofu for my mom and sister. 

Brik Pastry Roulade with Seitan for my Auntie Lisa.

My sister's side (in case she hated her food):

Steak Fries!

It was hard to remember to take pictures of all this food before diving in (Gawd, not to mention it being totally embarrassing to be taking pictures of my food in a restaurant) so I didn't get any of our dessert. I'm not a big fan of ordering desserts in restaurants (probably because I'm a baker - get sweets away from me! Overkill!) but everyone else is. Plus, on our reservation, my sister had put down it was my birthday. So we got a mint sundae, with a candle and birthday song (which secretly I JUST LOVE. EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!), plus a plate of truffles -on the house - from our super cute waitress.

Unfortunately. my dad couldn't join us, as he is a pilot and flies to super exciting, international places on the regular. I did get to spend my second birthday dinner with him though!

I know you are dying to know - did my sister like her food?! Haha, she really enjoyed the steak fries.

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  1. Holy crap, those mushrooms make me cream my pants just thinking about them.