Monday, November 14, 2011

BBQ 'Chicken' Pizza

Everytime I go to Whole Foods, I see BBQ seitan 'chicken' pizza available, but it never looks very appealing. There's like, a bunch of dried up Daiya cheese and one piece of 'chicken' on each slice. While I like the idea of a BBQ pizza, I never want to buy a slice.
So, I took it upon myself to make my own pizza!

Whole Foods pre-made pizza dough
Packaged seitan (you know I would have made my own if I wasn't dead tired and ready for dinner)
Follow Your Heart Soy Mozz (my roomie Dan likes it better than Daiya)
1 red onion
BBQ Sauce (I always go with Stubbs because that is where I saw Spoon play at SXSW 2010 and it changed my life forever)
Garlic (you know me - like 8 cloves)
Green onions

I let the seitan marinate in BBQ sauce as I prepped all my other ingredients. Leave your pizza dough out because it is much easier to work with at room temperature. I began to melt my cheese.
Next I sauteed my red onions til caramelized and then added the seitan, cooking until slightly browned. I then added my chopped garlic and spinach, sauteing until spinach was fully cooked.

I stretched the dough out on a greased cookie sheet, being careful not to play with the edges too much. If you want a beautiful crust, do not handle the edges! Stretch out the dough from the middle.

Next I spread a thin layer of BBQ sauce, melted cheese, then chicken-spinach mix and finished it off by sprinkling on chopped green onions. The oven had been preheating at 475 (per the instructions) and into the oven it went for about 12 minutes!
It was pretty spectacular. My roommates Dan and Rurik demolished half of it in about 5 minutes.


  1. This pizza is amaaaaazing! The texture of the seitan was perfect and the flavors were spot on. Way, way better than the frozen ones you can get at TJ and Whole Foods, not to mention that they have meat in them.