Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gracias Madre Is My Most Favorite Vegan Restaurant.

As far as vegan restaurants go, I love Gracias Madre so much! I think it's my favorite. I'm not going to lie to you - I'd choose Gracias Madre over Millennium if I had to pick one over the other for dinner. THERE I SAID IT.
Though I do love Gracias Madre, I miss The Handlebar in Chicago so much. I'd eat there once a week if it was in SF. Maybe twice! I'd go broke but it'd be okay because I'd be surrounded by buffalo 'chicken' ranch wraps and sides of collard greens.
I haven't done a Gracias Madre post yet because I no longer work for Cafe Gratitude, and therefore do not receive a 50% on all the food at both CG and Gracias Madre, which means I cannot afford it anymore. Vegan organic food does not come cheap. There was definitely a time that I would hit that place up at least twice a month, at most, twice a week! It's that delicious, I'm not kidding.
I broke my streak of not eating there when Isla Hess, the chef and creator of Nacheez, blew into the city from Sacramento to:
a.) See the San Francisco Premiere of Get Vegucated
b.) Go out to dinner with me, pre-show!
We email each other somewhat often, as I do posts about Nacheez* for Vegansaurus on the regular, but we had yet to meet. Gracias Madre it was. (Because it is the awesomest best, for real, I'm not even joking)
Everything on the menu is phenomenal. EVERY SINGLE THING. I highly recommend the enchiladas, but usually when I go there, I make a feast out of their appetizers and sides. I like a little a lot of everything.

 The Ensalada de Caesar

 The Quesadillas de Camote (or as I like to call them, butternut squash quesadillas) These are considered Gracias Madre's signature dish. For a reason (best quesadillas, ever).
Greens con Chile y Ajo (or, as I call it, sauteed kale - which it usually is, but this time not so much. I can't speak Spanish, and I don't even want to pretend to when I order off the menu. Lame, I know.)

Looking at these pics, my meal looks like it was kind of boring. But it wasn't, I swear. Gracias Madre spices everything so well. Another thing I like about going there, especially because I don't ever have exorbitant amounts of money to spend, is that the portion sizes are huge! So I can always bet I'll have food to take home and eat 3 hours later.

Another favorite side of mine is the Cauliflower con Queso Fundido, which is cauliflower baked in cashew cheese. I decided that night, ordering a beer was more important than another side.

My co-worker used to order the tortillas and guacamole, plus the sauteed greens and make tacos on the cheap. I'm totally doing that next time I go. Then I can justify drinking two beers! (All Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre beers/wines are organic and vegan. Score!)

Gracias Madre is mostly, if not 100% soy free, as well as mostly gluten free.

 *My taste-off post, which is one of my favorites, doesn't show up in the tagged Nacheez posts because it is labeled Nacheeze. You should read it anyway because I like to show off.

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