Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Night My Roommates and I Threw a BBQ for Ourselves

It's November, perfect season for a BBQ, right? Isn't that the glory of living in California? It's like, endless springtime, only in the fall/winter, it gets darker earlier. I am truly living the dream. Truly.
I needed to celebrate after this whirlwind Thanksgiving week. I work in a restaurant, which means I work holidays (because the restaurant doesn't for close holidays, bummer). I also wanted to see my family, so Thursday afternoon I took Caltrain to Redwood City and Friday morning, took it back to the city to work. Yeowch, I've been tired.
BBQ on a Sunday night in November? Done and done. I wanted to celebrate!

Crispin Cider. I was told by both my friends Nora and Vanessa that I needed to try this. Now, normally I DO NOT like cider (it's like, gawd, just pass me a wine-cooler while you are at it) but Nora assured me it tasted like champagne. I'll admit, I like it (not love). It's a bit on the expensive side for a four pack, but last night I was treating myself.

I like their specialty 22's better. Next time I'm sticking with one of those when I want cider. They are heavier and more flavorful. In a beer kind of way. Which I like.

I also bought myself an Anderson Valley Seasonal Ale because, well, I really love beer. Especially Winter Ales!

But this shindig was not just about drinking, it was about BBQing! I've been interested in trying out Field Roast brand Frankfurters. Field Roast is a great brand, but in all honesty, I think their products can be on the dry side. The Frankfurters were good, but I like Smart Dogs. They are cheap and that word I do not like, which is the opposite of dry. If you like Field Roast, you'll probably like these. They are plain, which is what enticed me; in a hot dog, I don't want fancy flavors. I want a vegan version of Hebrew Nationals!

These come individually wrapped in plastic, like old-school style sausages, which is cutesy, but also a big fucking waste of plastic.

Rurik and Dan made veggie skewers and I made Hawaiian Pasta Salad - it's Dan's favorite.

In the spirit of celebrating, I passed out on the couch at 9 p.m. after two ciders. I mentioned the week was a killer for me, right?


  1. Hawaiian Pasta Salad is now my Favorite too! MUHAH DAN!

  2. Indeed, it remains to be seen which, if any, vegan frankfurter imitators answer to a higher power...