Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thai Idea in the (un)Tenderloin

As a self proclaimed socialite, I take it upon myself to get my people together. One Thursday afternoon not-too- long-ago, instead of focusing on work, I texted most of my friends to see if they wanted to get dinner at Thai Idea the following night. Lo and behold, most people did. 10 person dinner reservation? Done and done.
Thai Idea is new, it's veg, and I needed to eat there. Because you can't be a vegan Socialite and not eat at the most happening new restaurants in SF, right? RIGHT?
(Disclaimer - when I refer to myself as a socialite, it means I work full time, am broke always, but generally just like to get everyone together and have the best time ever. Of everyone's life. I am the poor person's socialite. The most awesome kind, obvi.)
I had read a few reviews of Thai Idea. Had heard a few rumors (and by rumors I mean my friends and co-workers being all, "Have you heard of it? It's new and it's delicious") It was time for me to make a few calls, make a few texts, get handed over my paycheck, run to the bank, walk through the Tenderloin, be the first to arrive (for once) and get excited.
I don't know how long this is going to last, but Thai Idea is BYOB. A 40oz made it to the table. Did I mention I was the financially challenged person's socialite?
I ordered what I had read online were the best things on the menu. Which of course, were the most expensive. I had a epiphany that night, everyone. I am not a cheap date. Not for myself, and not for the poor sap future dreamboat that asks me out.

Firecracker Balls! You must ask for them to be made vegan or else they come with mayonnaise. My vegan co-worker/friend and myself both forgot to order them that way (Because we were at a vegetarian restaurant! We assumed everything was catered to us. WRONG.) so he hopped up and let the kitchen know before the damage was done. Anyway, these are really tasty. It's like fish sushi, for the vegan missing that in their life! It's supposed to be like Ahi tuni rolls, deep fried. YES PLEASE. So amazeballs.

Panang Avocado Shrimp. It was good. I was expecting something else, but it was basically a panang curry with shrimp and avocado. You know why I was expecting something else? BECAUSE IT WAS THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING ON THE MENU. I wanted to be blown away, and I was not. Don't get me wrong, it was very tasty. Plus, the novelty of vegan shrimp has worn off on me, so.....maybe that had something to do with it?

Here's the truth, you guys. I burnt out on Thai food in Chicago. I like it, but I'm not in love. Plus, I work in a restaurant that serves vegan meat galore, so that treat has worn off too. Gawd, what a downer, right?  However, these days I'm really into making dinner out of appetizers, and Thai Idea's apps looked really creative and delicious. So I'd def go back, buy a deuce deuce at the liquor store next door, then get to work on some vegan crab cakes and more fireballs.

Oh! A few more things I do have to say about Thai Idea, that are much more positive, are that their prices are reasonable and the presentation of the plates is beautiful. I highly recommend going. It's very cute inside as well. The staff was lovely and very accommodating to our large table, so it's like, very much worth hitting up.

My coworker Nate, aforementioned in this post, ordered this fancy dish....

I wish I could tell you what it was, but I've completely forgotten.

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  1. I've also forgotten what I had ordered here.. but you can bet your socks it came with fancy looking beet strings!