Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here's the Deal

Hey Everyone!

I feel real bad because I've done what I always do - spread myself too thin. I started this blog when my dreams seemed so far away, I didn't even know what they were anymore. I was depressed and this blog kept me going. But things have changed, as they always do.
I applied to be a writer at Vegansaurus (as much as you can apply for an unpaid job, right?) and they chose me! Dream come true. I wrote in my 'Work' section here, that I wanted to help a new restaurant with their recipes and I got hired at a place (though due to happenstance, not cause the owner saw my blog). Another dream come true.
So, I'm like an official blog writer (really? this is my life?) and a pastry chef at an up and coming restaurant in San Francisco. Which means I don't always have enough time for this blog baby. :( Follow me at Vegansaurus, okay? Cause sometimes no one comments on my work, or they just say shitty things! I'm  totally the celebrity correspondent over there (another dream come true!).
I will still post my recipes first here, but they will be few and far between. I like drinking sleeping, when I'm not working.
Try not to hate me. I like you!


  1. I'm going into retirement like Jay-Z! So, I'm not leaving at all!
    (Thanks Steventucker)