Sunday, December 4, 2011 offers vegan wine! Buy some fancy bottles, and get the party started!

My very handsome and single (ladies!) roommate Dan works at the cutest wine store evs -- VinDebut in West Portal. Recently (last week) Dan unveiled VinDebut's latest feature - Winedebut; a website in which you can buy their fancy wines and have them shipped to your door! You don't have to leave the house to get the sophisticated party started! Parties with wine are so sophisticated, no question.
Dan* not only writes the detailed and humorous descriptions of wines, he also labels which wines are vegan! (Only three at the moment, but he's working on it) All you have to is enter 'vegan' in the search bar and taa-daa! Vegan wines! You can also impress all your friends with the knowledge you siphoned off the website! Definitely a win - win situation for everyone involved.

Why yes, I would love a bottle of this VEGAN Cabernet! Flavors of cassis, plums, dark cocoa, and espresso? Sounds delicious to me!

Right now, new customers receive 10% of their orders, as advertised on the site. Chuck the cheap shit out the window (or donate it to me) and go fancy for the holidays!

*He's smart, he's funny, he knows how to use a computer and he will hook you up with wine for life! He truly is San Francisco's hottest eligible bachelor Get it, ladies!

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  1. Hi, call me Neo-Vegan, but what's different about a vegan wine ? Love your Blog,
    Nancy B

  2. That is an excellent question! I hope this helps: