Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dried Mango! It's Like Candy! (If you are kinda a health nut and also don't like cane sugar)

These are my favorite snack! I get them at Trader Joe's and always make sure to get the unsweetened kind. Fruit has enough sugar in it, as it is!

I haven't had these guys in like, over six months? Maybe because the manager at my last job ate them/introduced me to them, and I have spent this entire time blocking that span of life from my mind.
Anyway, super excited to dive into them tonight, then possibly eat the rest as breakfast instead of just coffee.
If there are any leftovers! I have no self control!


  1. Do they have other dried fruit choices that you like just as well? I like that they don't have sulfur!


  2. Yes, Mom! All kinds of varieties! I saw peaches last time, and Grandpa always got the dried blueberries. :)