Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Whilst on a break from work today, I decided to check the voicemails that had been piling up in my phone inbox as of late.
I got a call from a woman at Trader Joes, informing me I had won the GRAND PRIZE in their raffle. You know who they give raffle tickets to? People who don't need a bag at checkout because they brought their own.

$25 gift certificate because I'm a bleeding heart liberal  an ecofeminist a tree and cow hugging hippie who went to Humboldt State.

I used to say I was the kind of person who never won anything, but obviously that's not true!

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  1. Awesome!

    A few years ago I won a walking tour of the "Haunted Haight" in a fundraiser raffle for the SF Ghost Society. Before I won I was starting to LOUDLY proclaim that if I didn't win, I was gonna be pissed. Then I won, and it was rad, and I got to take my long-distance teenage girlfriend on the tour when she visited a few weeks later.

    Whatcha gonna spend yr winnings on? (Hint: $25 divided by $1.99 equals a good time)