Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Might Be Afraid of Change

Just went to Chicago! Remember how I was all freaked out last year, when I went back for the first time since I'd moved? And then it was all fine, but I was still pretty weird for awhile? Well, most all that emo-ness has gone away. I went to go see my girl Nora, for her 28th birthday weekend and have some fun in those haunted streets*.

If you are wondering what the same exact meal at The Handlebar looks like, one year later, check it out!

I know you are like, 'hey do a side by side comparison'! But I'm like, 'No way! Just flew round trip to Chicago, and within that trip, hung out with everyone I could manage, in a 48 hour period of time'! I'm tired. In case you missed it above, click this link!
Next time I visit, I'm totally going to try new things. Maybe a new restaurant? No, I'll get brunch instead of the buffalo 'chicken' ranch wrap with collard greens.

*Chicago's streets are emotionally haunted. I'm working it, OKAY?!

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  1. Mmm, yes, rather nicely haunted for me as well, and sheez, I've only spent like a grand total of thirty days there ever. Altgeld and Sheffield...sigh. I still think about my long-distance teenage girlfriend sometimes, and how she smoked menthols in-between inhaler hits. Southern Wisconsin's pride and joy.