Sunday, January 22, 2012

Need a Little Help in the um...Intestinal Department?

I had an incredibly difficult time pooping when I gave up coffee last winter. (I have since gotten back on the coffee train. But I lasted a good 5 months! That's something. Black tea was my gateway drug.) One of the best pieces of advice I received, was to (orally!) take a teaspoon of melted coconut oil. Let me tell you, it works. Anytime you have problems with blockage, you can eat a melted teaspoon of coconut oil! Woo! Even though I am drinking coffee now, and not experiencing problems, I'll still have a teaspoon when the oil is in front of me at work. TMI? Whatevs, coconut oil is really good for you!


  1. One of my roommates had a bad experience recently with some "Smooth Move" tea, this info may be of some interest to her. Basically it dehydrated the shit out of her, as well as pushing all the actual shit out of her. Said she drank pints of water and couldn't get hydrated. Weird.

    Never TMI when it comes to thinking about colon health, and besides, isn't coconut oil pretty tasty?

  2. Totally tasty! And I've heard a rumor they now sell it at Trader Joes....Smooth Move is a funny one. Sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes it works a little too well! It's always a gamble. I've never been dehydrated, but sometimes the stomach pain wasn't worth drinking it! Although that time we went to Saturn Cafe with Bethany, I drank some when I got home! The best decision I could have made!