Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nothing Changes New Years Day

2012 - The last year of our pathetic existence. Just kidding! No I'm not.

Any resolutions?

I'm thinking about joining a gym. My arms look pitiful. I'm way too narcissistic to have them looking as bad as they have in pictures as of late. I'm only 30 GAWDDAMMIT. I should have some muscle tone.

I want to make more of an effort to buy products (skincare, household cleaners) that are completely vegan. I don't buy any beauty products that are tested on animals, but that just simply is not enough. I'm going to go that extra mile to up my vegan lifestyle. Any pointers?

Stick to my whole, I'm-not-buying-coffe-if-I-don't-have-my-travel-mug promise. I've faltered lately! GASP! Horrible, I know. I also want to work on bringing my own bags with me when I go grocery shopping, as to not take the paper bags. I'd also like to work on buying products with little to no packaging.

What about you? Any resolutions for 2012?

(My friend Jake made this joke years ago, that the reason the Mayan calendar stopped at 2012 was because they knowingly predicted everyone would have iPhones, therefore the need for a calendar would be obsolete.)

I feel like the last person in the first world to not have a smart phone.

Update 12/3 New Resolution! Wear my hair down, all the time. No more phony tails (as in, what one wears when their hair is too short for a pony tail but they insist on fooling themselves).


  1. The next line in that old U2 song is "Nothing changes in the wars we wage", and that is sadly true if we don't consider how we're fighting them on our own personal end. You are, and thus "Ad astra per aspera, in hoc signo vinces".

    The Mayan calendar ends because the pattern of days will simply repeat in the same lunar/solar cycle if we don't blow up the fucking moon or burn out the sun...an iPhone is a pocket coffin.

  2. Pocket coffin, ahahahahahaha. I like that, Landon!