Sunday, January 8, 2012

Red Wine Vs Balsamic Vinegar

I like to make my marinara sauce for pasta from scratch. If I can't use fresh tomatoes, I'll use tomato paste or sauce - obviously I love cooking, and if I have the time, I'd rather whip* something up than use the stuff in a jar. (I do love me some Prego, though. LOVE IT.)

Now, I like to drink red wine. Whoa, I'm sure you didn't know that, right?! GOSSIP! When I'm making marinara sauce, I'm like, 'Oh, I have a bottle of red! I can put it in my sauce for more flavor! Wonderful! But wait...I want to drink all this. What do I do?"
Balsamic Vinegar. It's great. It give sauce a nice bite. When I don't want to use wine, I'll put about a tablespoon or two of balsamic vinegar in my marinara while it's cooking. Straight edge vegans - I'm looking out for you.

One of these will be for drinking and the other for cooking.

I should invest in like, a HUGE bottle of some cheap shit, like a jug of Carlo Rossi Burgandy. That way I'd always have red wine on hand for cooking, since I def would not drink it. Never say never!

*Hahahahahahaha. I don't 'whip' anything up. I put everything I cook on low heat so in the meantime I can read the entire internet, play with my cat, do laundry....everything I make takes 2 hours.

DinDin. Marinara sauce with soy noodles, kale and spinach salad, plus some sauteed zucchini. I'm on a health kick. Nothing like gorging for two months straight during the holidays, feeling gross and lethargic and then making a whole bunch of resolutions! New year, same story.


  1. looks like you new camera is working out nicely. that final photo is the most pro-looking one i've seen you post.

  2. Also pro is yr wise reluctance to never say never about anything related to our friend Carlo, or anything else inexpensive...