Thursday, January 12, 2012

Turtle Trails!

Best night of my life. 
 Obviously, there's not much going on for me. 

Just kidding! Everything is fab. What I can't explain is how I ended up listening to Bright Eyes tonight. The night always has to end with me crying in a corner, doesn't it?


  1. I would imagine that the correlation between delicious, refreshing ice cream and listening to Bright Eyes for the first time in a while is pretty strong.

    I'm using my new laptop!! Wa-hooooooo! Thank You!

  2. Came upon your blog via read Landon's Americaphiles. I think the last time I saw you was after he and I and another friend had had a long day at the Oakland horse races. I recall a case of Sierra Nevada and the Magnetic Fields. Anyway, it's great to find this because I recently started a vegan diet. Did vegetarian for two years, still getting through the initium of a life change but feeling really good. Definitely will try out some of your recipes soon. Moving to Oakland early summer, hope to see you then!



  3. Joe! Of course I remember that day/drinking marathon! We also ate Cafe Gratitude's raw mint ice cream. I am looking forward to seeing you again! We will have to collaborate on some vegan dishes.

    1. Sounds great. Coming out to shop around a novel and a collection of stories I've just polished off, starting a low-key book club, a cycling club, and just sort of getting resituated in the Bay Area and trying to live healthily/productively. I think the vegan collaboration could work very well with any of these or on its own. I'll be coming out with a good booklet of recipes I've put together between NYC and PA and beyond. It's gonna be a great time. Damn, I wish I remembered that ice cream. I was supposed to work at that cafe, then I dunno what happened, and I remember that night specifically yet somehow dessert escapes me. Look forward to more in near-future.