Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Talking Boys with JB!

Along with many questions I get asked by both omnivores and vegetarians alike, is the "Would you date a MEAT EATER?" one. And my answer is yes. Some people (mostly the vegetarians) are shocked. Here's my reasoning:

Paul McCartney was introduced to vegetarianism by his wife, Linda in 1975. The guy is a major crusader for animal rights and has been a vegetarian since 1975? Mad props.

My (Chicago-based) ex was vegan when we started dating, 5 years ago. I wasn't vegetarian and I certainly wasn't vegan. Hanging out with him introduced me to a plant based diet. I am so thankful to him for that.

I understand diet and animal rights being a fundamental part of who you are, and not wanting to compromise that. But I also know that humans have the capacity to transform and change. Besides, my cat totally eats meat and she's like, my LIFE PARTNER. I just don't feel this whole 'people who eat meat are bad' thing. What I've taken on is a personal choice, obviously one that is important to me, and not everyone is there yet. Not everyone is going to take it on. But if I can help lessen the consumption of meat by just doing me (throwing vegan potlucks, cooking for everyone I know, being awesome all the time) then I can sleep tight. I'm open to people. Have any single friends?!

Paul McCartney and a big ol' dog.
Indie, helping me work. She so has chicken breath, ALL THE TIME!


  1. Meat eaters also do more stuff. Like, down there...

  2. There you have it ladies and gents! The true reason I am not opposed to dating meat eaters!

  3. Also, you have to take into consideration that you can still eat meat and feel better about yr ecological footprint by just cutting down yr meat consumption. Eating meat every once in a while, or even eating meat only once a day (versus for two or three or four meals per day) will be good for you, good for animals and good for, like, the planet.