Monday, March 19, 2012

I Treated Myself at The Detox Market!

Yesterday my parents came into the city and I took them to the Detox Market. I sure know how to show people a good time, huh? It's the cutest store, with really, really top notch products that I wanted to show them! I had been there before to write a post for Vegansaurus, and was blown away. It's very clean and beautiful inside. My friend Landon had a good time coming along with me (that first time), as it's just a fab place to be!

I picked up some products for myself (my Mom offered to pay, but I was like "It's okay! You're getting dinner later!). For soap and toothpaste, I think I paid $13.00. Whatever, I just want the grand things in life sometimes! I had gotten a sample of the toothpaste (actually many samples!) when I went in for research about the Vegansaurus post and I just knew the next time I went, the full-size would be mine! And now it is.

Organic Catcus Pear soap -- my elegance factor is going waaaay up! Plus Acai berry toothpaste? I know I won't be single for much longer!

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