Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lactic Acid Is Vegan!

Lactic acid is always one of those ingredients I can never remember if it's vegan or not. After careful and thorough research, I can tell you it is! Too bad I did not know this information yesterday, and get the product I really wanted at Trader Joe's --  the exra sourdough english muffins (sourdough everything, all the time!). I did not vegan-fact check at the time because sometimes my phone just takes too long to load. Then my mom would've thought I was checking Facebook (but it really would've been Twitter) and I just don't need that kind of extra stress in my life. Especially in Trader Joe's at 5:30 p.m.

Lactic Acid is vegan! Eat all the sourdough products you want, unless of course they contain milk (but usually don't).

The project of the day, besides sitting by the pool at my parent's house, doing some light reading and blogging, and watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is making breakfast sandwiches. It may be dinner time when I get around to it, but whatevs. These english muffins will do, but man oh man, I wish they were sourdough!


  1. Lactic acid was always seen as a by-product of metabolizing glucose for energy and a waste product that caused a burning sensation in the muscles.

  2. But, lactic acid in food ingredients (and other products) is _rarely_ vegan. Gotta ask the source. - Tyme

    1. Oh, wait. I am thinking of stearic acid. Carry on. -- Tyme

  3. I think it has a confusing name: lactic is named after the Latin word for milk (e.g. lactation). Also the sugar 'lactose' is not vegan, which is further confusing.