Monday, October 15, 2012

Source is on Check, Please Bay Area!

The same day in June that I received the Healthy Surprise box to review, a film crew came to Source and taped us for Check, Please Bay Area!

I think you can catch a glimpse of me (my blonde head bobbing, at least). More importantly, you can hear them talk about my desserts! Unfortunately, I do not make the chocolate parfait, but I do make the Twinkees! How they are described as "not too sweet" is beyond me.

This is my second appearance on Check, Please Bay Area. I was also caught at Patxi's, stuffing my face. I'm a brunette in this one -- a regular secret agent!


  1. Your twinkies look great and I'd love to eat a baked good or three while I'm in SF next week, bicycling around and blogging about the vegan food I eat! Do you sell stuff in places other than this? Even if you don't, this place looks effing amazing and I want to be there right. now.

    1. I'm the pastry chef there! Yes, come in! I just saw your comments on Vegansaurus today, too. :) How exciting. Where are you visiting from?
      Come to Source, let's meet!

    2. Pittsburgh! That's so nice, I will definitely get my ass in there! Should I aim for a certain time, you think?

    3. Yes! I just saw your blog, and see that your email is quite accessible. In case I don't get to it, in a timely manner, mine is!