Monday, September 23, 2013

Vegan Crab Cakes!

I made vegan crab cakes tonight! I followed the recipe from Erin Wyso's blog, Olives For Dinner.

It was easy to follow, which I always appreciate in a recipe! Look how elegant they are! I'm so excited! This is kind of a big deal because, lately, I don't make much food for myself. I get fed at my restaurant, and then I also recipe-test for VegNews magazine; I've gotten more than a little bored with food lately. (A far cry from where I was when I started this blog, that's for sure.) Anyway, I'm a huge fan of vegan "seafood", because seafood is what I miss the most from my omnivore days! Yes, I am quite pleased with myself tonight. 

I made a few changes in them, which is that first, I doubled the recipe. Then I only put in half the amount of corn kernels, and added very finely diced celery for what would be the remainder of the corn. Celery in crab cakes is what I remember from my childhood days in San Francisco (Erin is located in Boston, so maybe it's a regional thing?). Thirdly, I added the lemon peel of one lemon, as someone in her comments sections suggested -- I thought it sounded delicious! 

Now, these crab cakes are almost gluten-free, except that they call for panko bread crumbs. I've noticed that there are gluten-free panko bread crumbs available now, so I'm sure you could substitute those! Also, if you have an allergy to red bell peppers (night-shade allergy), I don't see why you couldn't sub the celery for the bell peppers and add the amount of corn the recipe already calls for.  

THEY ARE DELICIOUS. I see myself making these every week! Or at least every time I want to impress someone, or a lot of someones at party! 

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  1. Just saw these pop up on my tumblr dash -- I am so excited you made these and liked! Looks fab and now I want these again for breakfast.