Sunday, December 15, 2013

Coconut Bacon is my Jam!

I love coconut bacon! LOVE IT. To bring the joy of coconut bacon into your life, you can buy Phoney Baloney's, which is delicious, but it's also very easy to make on your own!

I was inspired to make a BLTA today, because of Megan Rascal's post on Vegansaurus about a sandwich she enjoyed at Spreads Sandwich Shop in New York. I had never thought of using coconut bacon in a BTL, but of course that would be totally scrumptious!

(I made it and demolished it. AMAZING!)

I just finished a batch of coconut bacon, and I want to share my favorite recipe for it! I follow this recipe, on The Vegan Project's blog. Being me, I made some changes.

I find liquid smoke to be too bitter in large amounts, in anything. Basically any time I use it, or see it in a recipe I'm following, I only add a few drops as I find a little goes a very, very long way.

 For the bacon, I also add a pinch of salt and pepper!

Maple syrup in the recipe is great, but agave is an awesome substitute if that's all you have on hand.

 It does crisp up as it cools, so be careful about over-baking it! I have on occasion (the first three times I made it)!
Sweet and salty with a hint of smokiness! 



I bought Phoney Baloney's (amongst a bunch of other fun vegan stuff) at Food Fight Grocery, in the Vegan Mini Mall in Portland, Oregon! (When I went in July to see a Bruno Mar's concert for my 32nd birthday. No one in Portland knew who he was, which I'm guessing is why it was one of the only shows on his tour that wasn't sold out.)


The Rose Quarter in Portland, and the night of my life. 

Took a selfie at The Bye and Bye afterwards, to text to my friend Sean

After a few glasses of wine, and the Bye and Bye cocktail, I woke up the next morning in my dress, looking like this, on my friend Tieg's couch.


  1. Buying coconut bacon this weekend!! Can't wait :)

    1. You'll love it! So good! I can't wait to make it again!