Sunday, February 23, 2014

Malt Powder is Vegan!

Thanks to my smartphone, a minor breakdown was averted in the Temecula Trader Joe's. Temecula TJ's either does not carry my favorite variety of English muffin, or they were out of stock. The extra sour, sourdough ones are my fave: maybe they are regional to the Bay Area? The Classic British muffins I found had an iffy and milky sounding ingredient in them called malt powder. The case was already cracked on lactic acid in the sourdough muffins, now it was time for another round of detective work.

When there are no sourdough English muffins to be had, Classic British Muffins are a grand replacement! 

As quickly as my 3G network could handle, I googled "Is malt powder vegan" for answers. I hate being in the way at a grocery store, checking my phone in a crowded aisle, but stubbornness prevailed. MALT POWDER IS VEGAN

I very specifically wanted english muffins because I had acquired Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Smoked Lox and I had plans. I bought a jar of Larrupin mustard online, vegan cream cheese at the grocery store; I was getting ready for a breakfast of epic proportions! 

The goods. 

The final product did not disappoint! I wish the vegan lox was easier to find in Temecula, because I would eat this everyday! I found mine at Viva La Vegan in Rancho Cucamonga


  1. Had to comment because I recently acquired a jar of Larrupin and have been dumping its contents luxuriously over everything. Every meal. All the live long day. Glad you are finding good food in SoCal!

    1. Thank you! Larrupin Mustard is such a treat, I just love always having some in the fridge! It was great in Humboldt because it was offered EVERYWHERE, including the delis!

  2. hey Jenny, do you know anything about the Enzyme in the ingredients list? It's seems to be in a lot of products and no more specific than that. Do you know if they are vegan enzymes?

    1. That is an excellent question! I read online that usually the enzymes in bread are fungal, whereas in cheese they are animal derived. Since there is no dairy in these, I'm assuming (the worst thing you can do as a vegan, right?) that the enzymes are vegan. One company suggests calling a company before purchasing a product containing enzymes because there is no way to know for sure. Thank you for your inquiry, because I have learned something new today!