Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Vegan Cuts February 2014 Beauty Box!

I got my first Vegan Cuts Beauty Box the other week, and what a delight! I love beauty products, and I adore getting to try new ones! I've been vegan for almost seven years now, which I know I keep saying over and over and over again, but the cruelty-free and vegan market has changed quite a bit, and it's a joy to talk about myself. Seven years ago, there was not even any Daiya (I will always love you, Follow Your Heart soy mozzarella), although there were plenty of other goodies to keep me vegan and happy! I don't say this to be a big old, condescending whiner, I mean that I'm stoked there are so many up and coming vegan ventures, entrepreneurs, chefs, artists, and cosmetic manufacturers. This lifestyle keeps becoming more accessible in the United States and for that I am both grateful and hopeful.

The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is $19.95 and available for purchase here. It comes with a variety of both trial and full size products! The February Beauty Box included:

I'm pretty stoked with everything I've tried so far! At first I was put-off by red lipstick because I am into pink lips, but it's subtle enough that I think I can pull it off. My mom said it looked good on me but she might be a little biased. The candle smells divine, and is soothing to have lit while struggling through writing blog post. I was also initially turned-off by a pickles and ice cream flavored lip balm; let me tell you it's actually quite nice! Not too sweet, not too…tangy? Pickled? Sour? It's good stuff. The product I absolutely love and would not hesitate to buy in the future is the lavender hand creme by Chandler Farm! I think lavender is one of the best scents around and the creme itself is lightweight; it absorbs instantly! I never moisturize my hands because I can not stand for them to be greasy, but I can use the Chandler Farm creme day or night. Hands are one of the first surfaces on the human body, besides the eyes, to show age, so let's just say I'm relieved to have found a cream I like! 
Intrigued? Here are a few other fun reviews to read! 

I have yet to try the styling whip, because my hair has no style. Haha, just kidding! I would say my style is that of a five year old who discovered that scissors will cut hair. It's a thing! I don't know how to use the styling whip, so maybe that will be one of my challenges for the day. That and pulling off red lipstick without feeling like a doofus. (Note to self: channel Gwen Stefani.) I also haven't tried the deodorant because I am stoked with my new North Coast Organics deodorant. I'm not ready to switch it up! 

I am still torn about signing up for March. Of course I want to, but I should also maybe get a job, or do my taxes first. 

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