Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vegan Breakfasts, Vegan Eggs

I have been playing around with breakfast sandwiches quite frequently in the last few months. I like a fried protein on my sandwich, and that protein of choice is tofu! I think the best kind of tofu to use for an "eggy" texture is silken. It's trickier to use, as it breaks very easily. What starts off as a slice often turns into a scramble. However, if you can manage to slice, fry and gently place a slice of silken tofu atop a plate or sandwich, I think you will find eating it to be an utterly pleasant experience: lightly crisp on the outside, yet soft and dare I say…silky on the inside.
That's it! I knew I wouldn't be able to get any sleep tonight until I let the world know that I think silken tofu is tops when it comes to replicating eggy textures for morning meals.

I did not use silken tofu on my recent "eggs' Benedict plate and even though the extra firm tofu was delicious, silken would've been magic! Hollandaise sauce recipe via The Comforting Vegan. I did eat almost the exact same thing yesterday morning, and I was sure to use silken. PERFECTION. I did not take any pictures because sometimes I just gotta eat my food, feel me?

A breakfast muffin from a few months past. I've come so far from this humble beginning. (I'm just kidding, that sandwich looks awesome.) My silken tofu turned into a scramble, but I believe in the future, by using a gentle touch and an unbreakable focus, I will always be able to keep my tofu in one piece! 

My new favorite thing to do is sauté spinach with Bac'uns Vegetarian Bits. I think I started doing this because I couldn't find any Upton's bacon seitan around, but now I'm hooked on the bits! Depending on what you can find in your area, both bacon bits and seitan will deliciously suffice for that smokey flavor I believe breakfast food absolutely needs. I was never a sausage person, so no, we aren't even going to discuss it as a possibility.

I believe that's all. Oh wait, one more very important thing! I learned this the hard way: either hollandaise sauce or Daiya cheddar, not both at once. It's totally overkill and the sodium content alone is super intense. 


  1. Jenny, those breakfast sandwiches you made me that time I drove home to SoCal were the BEST things EVAAR! I'm drooling at this post.

    1. Thank you, Britney! I wish we could've eaten the Hollandaise tofu Benedict together! (Complete with two, maybe three, bottles of bubbly! Haha, my tolerance has been decreasing rapidly in Temecula.)